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The lines are drawn.

It’s time to decide which side you’re on.

Book and Lyrics by Elizabeth Everhard

Music and Lyrics by Joely Zuker

Directed by Matt Toronto

Art by Austin Frosch

What is the ocean but the fish?* Inspired by William Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, Free the Fish is a modern political satire for our stormy times. 


*"What is the city but the people?" (Coriolanus, Sicinius, Act 3 Scene 1)

Vance is a frustrated young environmentalist who can’t stop his family from using illegally caught fish in their chain of Tallahassee fish fry restaurants. When environmentalists target the restaurant his father decides he’s going to steal the mayoral election and lockup the protesters. Now Vance must choose between his love of all things aquatic and his criminal family. Will he fish or cut bait? That is the question. 


Kevin Clay, 

Brinie Wallace, 

Raymond Sage, 

Audrey Cardwell,

Sia Arvinger &

Todd Buonopane

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Fish fry final with title.PNG
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