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Circuses Aren’t All Fun and Games...

Music by Joely Zuker

Lyrics by Elizabeth Everhard

Book by Gustav Hoyer

The High Wire

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Andrea Somera, 

Melvin Biteng, 

Tianna Cohen & 

Marcello Padilla

The Petkova siblings are the heart of the circus, but when their ringmaster demands more danger, things take a turn for the worst.



A Musical Audiobook


Jordan Schneider,

Hayley Goldenberg,

Taylor Trimble 

The BEST worst idea for a pandemic musical...

Book, Lyrics, and Music by Makena Metz and Joely Zuker

Arrangement by Makena Metz and Joely Zuker

Directed by Makena Metz

Musical Directed by Joely Zuker

In this short musical audiobook, Sarah, a traditional millennial with a non-existent love life, has had a hard time finding a genuine romantic connection during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. How does one date safely in a lockdown? When her two roommates offer a unique solution to this plan, Sarah must come to terms with her own identity and embrace her “new normal.”


A Holiday Cycle:

An Episodic Musical Podcast

Casting Calls Open 2022

Same characters. Different holiday.

Book, Lyrics, and Music by Makena Metz and Joely Zuker

Stephanie and Hannah, long-time best friends, must address their upcoming high school graduations while reeling from the burning secret of their previous sexual encounter. With the series beginning on Fourth of July and ending on Hannah’s graduation, each episode's holiday is brought to life by its episode's distinct sound, with no holiday (or episode) sounding the same. This show explores sexuality, codependency, consent, and how holidays bring out the best and worst in us all.


(15:45 - 22:25)

"Listen To Me"

An original song


Lyn Ventimiglia


Jordan Schneider 

Orchestration by Joely Zuker

The 2020 Reverb Theatre Arts Festival presented by the Roundabout Theatre Company focuses on artists with disabilities, bringing light to underrepresented voices of people with chronic, dynamic, and/or invisible illnesses.

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