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What’s Inside Your Cup?

Book and Lyrics by Thomas Blakeley

Music and Lyrics by Joely Zuker

Directed by Makena Metz

Art by Kristen Silva

A musical comedy about two best friends who open a coffee shop together, and their struggles to keep it open in the face of various hijinks. Gina wants her shop to succeed, while Nikki is more preoccupied with her crazy business schemes. Desperate, Gina reaches out to Sammy—the CEO of the largest coffee brewery around—for help. Meanwhile, their customers Jack and Eve just want to pass their upcoming exam, which gives Nikki the perfect opportunity to test out her latest product… 


Maggie Randolph, 

Charlotte Bash,

Jordan Schneider,

Kathleen Burgoon,

Todd Honeycutt

& Jonny Perl



APRIL 2021

To Stream on YouTube, Facebook & Vimeo

Watch Here
Watch Coffee: The Musical Here
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